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1st Annual Motherhood & Words® Writing Conference & 13th Annual Motherhood & Words® Reading 

Join me for the 1st Motherhood & Words Writing Conference!

Women’s memoir class kicking off next week!

We all have stories inside us. Whether we tell those stories is another question. It takes courage to write your truths. Join a group of amazing women and learn how to write the stories you need to write and deepen your understanding of craft. Class will be held in the beautiful conference room at ModernWell.…

12th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading (plus a giveaway)

It’s time to celebrate motherhood literature and the complex realities of women’s lives at the 12th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading! This year, I’m thrilled to welcome authors Kaethe Schwehn, Sophfronia Scott and Erin O. White.  The reading this year is part of the Loft’s “To Be Honest” spring programming, and is sponsored by MomEnough and my favorite co-working space, ModernWell. (Scroll down for…

Writing again in 2018!

For me, 2017 was not a writing year. Certainly the state of our country was a huge distraction, and it took me too long to realize that I could not check my news feeds first thing in the morning. It was also a busy year work-wise, so my creative time was limited. And the creative…

holding onto hope

The other night, after meeting some writing friends out for drinks, I biked home along the river. It had rained earlier, but the sun was now out and so were the people. I biked over the Stone Arch Bridge, which draws people from all over the city—visitors and residents alike—because it’s a perfect place to…

Patience! (and other directives from Concussionville)

Tamp down your fear and don’t speed your daughter those many hours from the soccer tournament to the ER (you will end up waiting for over two hours to be seen anyway). Don’t listen to the nurse you call on the drive, the one who tells you not to feed your daughter before she’s been…

11th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading

In An Abbreviated Life, Ariel Leve writes, “We tell our stories to be heard. Sometimes those stories free us. Sometimes they free others. When they are not told, they free no one.” In celebration of writing our truths and being heard, I want to invite you all to the 11th Annual Motherhood & Words reading…

taking stock & looking forward

The end of 2016 was difficult for me (as I know it was for many people). I was distracted (and scared) by politics, I was caught up in the general busyness of the season, and I was not writing (or even reading much). As I thought about the closing year, the things that stood out…

What now? – A case for compassion

This morning the house is quiet and I’m sitting in my tiny office. I love my office. There are books lining my desk, stacked on the floor beside me, above me in the cabinet. This is the place where I put words on the page, where I log into my email to immerse myself in…

Channeling Spencer

I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandpa lately. I wrote about him a number of times here, and I just went back and read through some of my old posts, each one reminding me what an extraordinary person he was. (Some of my favorites are here and here and here, though there are many…

Girl in Pieces: An Interview with Kathleen Glasgow

“Everyone has that moment, I think, the moment when something so…momentous happens that it rips your very being into small pieces. And then you have to stop. For a long time, you gather your pieces. And it takes such a very long time, not to fit them back together, but to assemble them in a…

I’m back!

I hadn’t actually meant to take the summer off from blogging, but somehow life felt too big to condense into manageable blog posts, so I remained silent here. It was a busy summer, one that held a mix of happy and sad, relaxed and hectic. Donny and I painted the living room and stairway and…