author interviews

Girl in Pieces: An Interview with Kathleen Glasgow

By Kate / September 6, 2016 /

“Everyone has that moment, I think, the moment when something so…momentous happens that it rips your very being into small pieces. And then you have to stop. For a long time, you gather your pieces. And it takes such a very long time, not to fit them back together, but to assemble them in a…

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Andria Williams’ THE LONGEST NIGHT (and a giveaway!)

By Kate / March 11, 2016 /

I am thrilled to have Andria Williams here today to talk about her debut novel, The Longest Night. Andria will be reading with Sherrie Fernandez-Williams and me at the 10th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading on April 16th! I am so excited about this book! The Longest Night is a story of marriage, parenting, longing…

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anthology week: the write on mamas' mamas write

By Kate / June 12, 2015 /

I’m happy to have Joanne Hartman, Mary Hill, and Janine Kovac, the editors of Mamas Write: 29 Tales of Truth, Wit and Grit, here for the final post of anthology week. Mamas Write is an anthology that grew out of the Write On Mamas, an amazing group of (mostly) women writers in the Bay Area.…

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anthology week: kasia james' the milk of female kindness

By Kate / June 10, 2015 /

The second motherhood anthology I’m featuring this week is The Milk of Female Kindness: An Anthology of Honest Motherhood, edited by Kasia James. Kasia is the author of many short stories and science fiction novel The Artemis Effect. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with a hydrologist, an ankle biter and a big black cat called…

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anthology week: suzi banks baum's an anthology of babes!

By Kate / June 7, 2015 /

One of my favorite things about this work I do here is meeting other women writers who are putting their words out there, creating community and making the world a better place. Today I’m so excited to kick of a week dedicated to a few of these women and their projects. This week I’m featuring…

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writing, motherhood & the military life

By Kate / May 23, 2014 /

I’m so pleased to have author Andria Williams here today. Andria is an old friend from the University of Minnesota’s MFA program. She’s such a talented writer, and I’m thrilled that her novel, currently titled The Falls, will be published by Random House. I had the chance to read an earlier draft of the book,…

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susanne antonetta – 8th annual motherhood & words reading

By Kate / May 5, 2014 /

The weeks have been flying by and there isn’t enough time to get everything done. I can hardly believe it’s May. But it is May, which means it’s time for the annual Motherhood & Words reading at The Loft. 8th Annual, people. That’s something indeed. And this year it’s another great line-up: Tami Mohamad Brown, Susanne Paola Antonetta,…

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my mother’s funeral – an interview with adriana páramo

By Kate / January 15, 2014 /

One of the books I read while we were at my mom’s cabin over break was Adriana Páramo’s engrossing new memoir, My Mother’s Funeral. It shifts in time between Páramo’s mother’s funeral in present-day Colombia and Páramo’s childhood in Bogotá and Medellín with a mother who was fierce, protective, and domineering—a force in the lives…

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sarah m. wells – an interview

By Kate / January 8, 2014 /

I was startled awake this morning by the incessant beeping of my old-school alarm. We’ve grown lazy—all of us—sleeping in until 8 a.m. many of these last 17 days. But once I got over the affront of the 6 a.m. wake-up, I jumped out of bed, ready to get back into a routine—my routine. Donny…

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monday morning & two interviews

By Kate / December 2, 2013 /

The weekend was lovely and bursting with family. Stella rocked the 5K (she finished 15th in the female 14-and-under category), and though it was freezing (poor Zoe was weeping), we all had fun. (Or at least we all had fun after coffees and hot chocolates were consumed and we were out of the cold.) The…

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