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on craft, writing and motherhood

By Kate / November 19, 2013 /

I have a blog post cooking in my head in honor of November as Prematurity Awareness Month, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. (Sunday was actually World Prematurity Day, but I was en route from Chicago after a weekend of successful workshops and some lovely time with my step-brother and his family, so…

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in appreciation of our teachers: an interview with beth kephart

By Kate / September 30, 2013 /

I have been reading Beth Kephart’s work since before I could call myself a writer and really believe it. And when I say I was reading Beth’s work, I mean I was studying it. Because each of her books and essays seems effortless, as if she reached up and pulled the words from the sky.…

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first comes love

By Kate / July 23, 2013 /

My brilliant friend Diane sent me an email a few weeks ago saying that I had to see her friend Nina Davenport’s new documentary, First Comes Love. I do everything Diane says because, as I said, she’s brilliant. So emails were sent, introductions were made, and a week later I was holding a copy of…

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magical journey

By Kate / March 15, 2013 /

I was first introduced to Katrina Kenison through her anthology, Motherhood: Twenty Stories of Contemporary Motherhood, which I discovered when I was prepping for my very first Motherhood & Words class, seven years ago. I have been a fan of Katrina’s work ever since. Perhaps you’re familiar with her wonderful books Mitten Strings for God:…

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blogging, writing & adriana páramo

By Kate / January 29, 2013 /

I’m celebrating my 6-year blogiversary this month.  In January of 2007, I started this blog because I wanted to expand the discussion around motherhood literature and promote some of the mother writers I admire. Six years later, I’m still here, interviewing writers, talking about the balance between motherhood & writing. Along the way, I’ve been…

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next big thing

By Kate / January 16, 2013 /

I’m grateful to the fabulous Sonya Huber for inviting me to participate in the Next Big Thing, a blog meme for writers. I met Sonya a few years ago on a panel at AWP, and I have so much respect for her. I’ve interviewed her here on Motherhood & Words about her memoir Cover Me, and…

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minnpost & mn reads

By Kate / July 24, 2012 /

My friend Jess sent me an email this morning saying, “Yay for MinnPost.” I’d done an interview yesterday with Amy Goetzman, their book reviewer, but I had no idea she’d turn it around so fast. Amazing! Check out the feature/interview here. I also failed to post a link to my MN Reads 6 Questions interview…

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Women Writing on Family

By Kate / March 1, 2012 /

It’s not always easy to write about the people in your life, but as a memoirist, it’s part of my job. When I first began to write, I struggled to get accurate portrayals of my family members onto the page. I worried what my mom and dad will say when they read certain essays or…

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a double life: discovering motherhood

By Kate / August 4, 2011 / Comments Off on a double life: discovering motherhood

I’m so pleased to have another author interview to post this week. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Lisa Catherine Harper, whose debut memoir, A Double Life: Discovering Motherhood, won the 2010 River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize. This is a lovely, meditative memoir that takes the reader through Harper’s first pregnancy and early motherhood.…

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mothers and daughters

By Kate / July 27, 2011 /

If you’ve been reading my posts in the last few weeks, you know that as I sat next to my grandpa the week he was dying, I was reading Rae Meadows’ new novel Mothers and Daughters. It was the perfect novel to read as I said goodbye to Spencer because so much of the story for…

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