author interviews


By Kate / February 13, 2011 /

Thank you to Julie Pfitzinger for the lovely profile and interview in the Star Tribune this morning. Thanks, Julie!

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cover me

By Kate / January 31, 2011 /

A couple of weeks ago I finished Sonya Huber’s compelling new memoir, Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir, which was released in October from University of Nebraska Press, and I can’t think of a more timely book. If you’ve ever had stress over healthcare and coverage, you will relate to this story. But perhaps it’s…

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profile of bonnie rough

By Kate / November 29, 2010 /

Thanks for your kind words and your lists last week. I hope you had a lovely long weekend. D and I spent lots of time playing with the girls and reading in bed as they played. It was heavenly. I read two wonderful books: Toni Morrison’s A Mercy and my friend Alex Lemon’s raw and…

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i’m telling

By Kate / November 16, 2010 /

I’m honored to have Maria Asp, Darcey Engen, and Nanci Olesen of the new motherhood show “I’m Telling” here at Mother Words today. If you were at the Mother Words Reading at the Loft on October 7, you had the pleasure of hearing an excerpt of “I’m Telling” as the opening act. (And if you…

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good enough moms

By Kate / October 18, 2010 /

My interview with Marti and Erin is now up at Good Enough Moms. Click here to listen to our conversation about the term “momoir,” my upcoming Mother Words retreat and classes, and to hear how writing about motherhood has affected some of my wonderful students. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Marti…

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live through this

By Kate / July 19, 2010 /

I am so excited to have Debra Gwartney, author of the wonderful memoir, Live Through This: A Mother’s Memoir of Runaway Daughters and Reclaimed Love, here at Mother Words today. I first read Gwartney’s writing just over a year ago when her essay, “The Long Way Home,” appeared in The New York Times’ Modern Love…

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By Kate / May 7, 2010 /

The first time I heard Bonnie J. Rough read was at the first Mother Words Reading. We had connected through a mutual friend, and I roped her into standing up at the podium just weeks after she became a mother. Bonnie was the second of three readers that night, and after she had read only…

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By Kate / April 30, 2010 /

The genre I post most often about on this blog is memoir, because, well, I’m a memoirist, and teach creative nonfiction. But I also love fiction. I love novels! I especially love to come across novels by emerging writers, and especially if these writers happen to be mothers. So you can imagine how excited I…

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writing about adult children: an interview with momma loshen

By Kate / April 5, 2010 /

As you know, I’m interested in the ways mother writers deal with the ethical issues that arise when they’re writing about their children. I’ve posted about it here and here. And you can read the responses of writers I’ve interviewed here and here. It’s easier to find essays out there about raising young children, and…

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lost and found: a memoir of mothers

By Kate / February 10, 2010 /

I have been meaning to post about Kate St. Vincent Vogl’s Lost and Found: A Memoir of Mothers for months and months. Kate read as part of the 3rd Annual Mother Words Reading last fall at the Loft, and her lovely memoir is a story of adoption, love, and what it means to be a…

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