1st Annual Motherhood & Words® Writing Conference & 13th Annual Motherhood & Words® Reading 

By Kate / April 1, 2019 / Comments Off on 1st Annual Motherhood & Words® Writing Conference & 13th Annual Motherhood & Words® Reading 

Join me for the 1st Motherhood & Words Writing Conference!

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12th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading (plus a giveaway)

By Kate / April 26, 2018 /

It’s time to celebrate motherhood literature and the complex realities of women’s lives at the 12th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading! This year, I’m thrilled to welcome authors Kaethe Schwehn, Sophfronia Scott and Erin O. White.  The reading this year is part of the Loft’s “To Be Honest” spring programming, and is sponsored by MomEnough and my favorite co-working space, ModernWell. (Scroll down for…

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Writing again in 2018!

By Kate / January 8, 2018 /

For me, 2017 was not a writing year. Certainly the state of our country was a huge distraction, and it took me too long to realize that I could not check my news feeds first thing in the morning. It was also a busy year work-wise, so my creative time was limited. And the creative…

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11th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading

By Kate / March 17, 2017 / Comments Off on 11th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading

In An Abbreviated Life, Ariel Leve writes, “We tell our stories to be heard. Sometimes those stories free us. Sometimes they free others. When they are not told, they free no one.” In celebration of writing our truths and being heard, I want to invite you all to the 11th Annual Motherhood & Words reading…

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celebrating women’s stories

By Kate / April 12, 2016 /

Last weekend I was at Faith’s Lodge for my spring retreat, and I was, once again, blown away by what can happen when women get together to write and share their stories with one another. When we delve deeply into both the beautiful and hard parts of life, then share that writing with each other,…

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summer and taking stock

By Kate / July 14, 2015 /

I’ve been quiet here these last weeks. Part of the reason is that I’ve been busy. In early June we road-tripped to Winnipeg for a couple of days to see the first U.S. Women’s World Cup game, which was incredible and inspiring. The rest of the month was swallowed up with editing and teaching prep,…

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Let me count the ways…a love letter to River Teeth

By Kate / June 5, 2015 /

For the past four years, one of the highlights of my spring has been the River Teeth Nonfiction Conference at Ashland University. I’ve written about it here on Motherhood & Words before, and all of those things I lauded in the past still hold true. The conference is small, intimate, and chock-full of talks and…

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happy (late) mother’s day!

By Kate / May 12, 2015 /

Our weekend was full of gardening and get-togethers and lots of youth soccer. (And Sunday morning fresh berries and a latte in bed along with home-made cards and crafts and lots of sweet hugs from my girls.) It was a perfect day, even with the cold and rain on the soccer field sidelines. I hope…

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nicu awareness month

By Kate / September 30, 2014 /

September is NICU Awareness Month. The fact that I am posting this on the last day of the month is not lost on me. Between kids being sick and crazy work/writing schedules and life in general, it’s not surprising that I’m behind schedule. But as I lay on the couch this morning, alternately sweating and…

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motherhood & words podcast

By Kate / June 16, 2014 /

If you missed this year’s Motherhood & Words reading, no worries! You can now listen to the podcast, thanks to Mom Enough! It was a wonderful evening featuring Susanne Antonetta, Tami Mohamed Brown and Brain, Child’s Editor-in-Chief, Marcelle Soviero. You can listen here. And Susanne has a new blog Leave It to Ritalin on Huffington Post, so…

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