penny wolfson on palin

By Kate / October 8, 2008 /

Penny Wolfson, whom I quoted in my long and controversial post, has a wonderful essay about Palin, disability and reproductive rights at Beacon Broadside. “Moonrise” is featured in Suzanne Kamata’s new anthology Love You to Pieces: Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs, which was published by Beacon. I haven’t read the book…

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By Kate / September 9, 2008 /

I want to thank all of you who commented on my last post. I was really scared to write about such a divisive issue on this blog because, quite frankly, I like to be liked. I don’t like to rock the boat. In this case, I’m glad I rocked it. I think some good discussion…

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six unspectacular things about me

By Kate / August 27, 2008 /

I was tagged by Ellen at A Girl’s Garden of Menopause, which I love, to list six unspectacular things about me. This won’t be difficult. Here they are: I am almost always tired. I am newly addicted to granola bars (any size or flavor). I want to be a gardener, but I hate to weed.…

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a quartet of mothers

By Kate / July 24, 2008 / Comments Off on a quartet of mothers

Nanci Olesen of MOMbo fame will be performing “A Quartet of Mothers: The Familiar, Desperate Edge of Everyday Motherhood” this weekend at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis as part of the Fresh Ink Series. Two plays are part of the event: “I’m Telling” and “Child of God.” Shows begin at 8 p.m. tonight, Friday, and…

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daily dose

By Kate / March 25, 2008 /

D and I need to get wireless at home. We have DSL on our home computer, but that computer is so old it crashes regularly, and it’s in our basement, which is cold and full of radon. There’s no point in eating organic food if I’m going to sit down there are breathe radon, so…

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By Kate / February 18, 2008 / Comments Off on guest-blogging

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. Your thoughts and good wishes are a virtual buoy, helping me stay afloat. Thank you! I am guest-blogging over at the Minneapolis StarTribune’s Cribsheet today. And each day for the rest of the week, Cribsheet will post a short essay from one of my Mother Words…

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my anniversary

By Kate / January 29, 2008 /

It’s true—I’ve been a blogger now for one whole year! In a recent post I mentioned that I never really planned on being a blogger—blogging seemed like one more thing I’d have to add to my forever-expanding to-do list. But then I got lonely—writing can be so lonely and isolating—and I yearned for a sense…

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persimmon tree

By Kate / October 26, 2007 /

I want to encourage you all to visit Persimmon Tree, a new online literary magazine by older women (their descriptor, not mine). They launched last spring with their first issue featuring fiction by Jane Lazarre and poetry by Ruth Stone. The summer issue featured ten poems by Grace Paley, and the current issue contains Eva’s…

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restfulness and reflective awards

By Kate / August 14, 2007 /

We were up north at my mom’s cabin all week last week and I DIDN’T WORK AT ALL. I didn’t check voice mail or e-mail or even post (obviously). I read two trashy-ish novels (I will not reveal their titles, not even if you bribe me with chocolate) and made bead necklaces with Stella and…

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reading recap

By Kate / July 5, 2007 /

I have been relaxing up north (which is how we refer to Northern Minnesota), so I’m only now posting about the first (and hopefully annual) Mother Words reading. First, if you are ever in Minneapolis and have a chance to go to a reading at the Open Book, where the Loft Literary Center is housed,…

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