a choice, a responsibility

By Kate / June 12, 2007 /

Last night I was watching the evening news—something I try never to do—and there was a story about the sextuplets just born in Minneapolis, at the same hospital where Stella was born. They are now on warming tables in the same children’s hospital where I sat for weeks, staring at my daughter. The coverage of…

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my new best friend

By Kate / June 1, 2007 /

We went up to my mom’s cabin in Northern Minnesota last weekend, and I took fifteen books with me because my summer Motherhood & Words class starts next week, and I was trying to finalize my reading list. Of course, it’s not humanly possible (if you read as slowly as I do) to get through…

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By Kate / April 4, 2007 /

Penny Wolfson’s essay “Moonrise” (Best American Essays 2002) is the only motherhood essay that I could find when I searched through two decades of Best American Essays. (Someone, please, correct me if I’m wrong—I’d love to be wrong about this.) Is this evidence that most memoirs and essays about motherhood are not taken seriously enough…

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I love teaching

By Kate / February 7, 2007 /

I love that moment in class when a light goes off for a student or when someone tells me that her writing is going in a completely different direction than she expected. I love being a part of that discovery. (And yes, I do realize that I sound like a sap.) Yesterday we read “Mother…

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