the great minnesota get together

By Kate / September 5, 2007 /

On Sunday afternoon, D., Stella, my dad, and I hopped on the bus and headed for the State Fair. The Sunday of Labor Day weekend is not the best day to go to the fair if you hate crowds and heat and are pregnant, but it was the only time that worked for our hectic…

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a thought for minneapolis

By Kate / August 3, 2007 /

I’m sure all of you know about the I-35W bridge collapsing into the Mississippi River on Wednesday night. It’s a bridge that I drove over from work to Stella’s daycare. It’s a bridge that countless people drove over every day to and from work. No one I know (that I know of) was injured or…

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there is nothing like

By Kate / July 9, 2007 /

becoming dizzy with blue sky and rustling leaves and swaying trucks as I stand among birch trees, staring straight up lying in bed at night, listening to the eerie call of loons, back and forth, across the lake a daytime moon holding watch over a field of newly-plowed hay Stella’s excitement prior to her first…

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