By Kate / December 5, 2014 /

Well, I did it. I turned in the manuscript on Sunday morning. And I’m proud of it, not only the fact that we met the deadline, but of the work itself. It’s a lovely book. After I hit the send button and announced it was done, Stella asked why I wasn’t crying. “Because I’m too…

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the small things

By Kate / July 16, 2014 /

I woke this past Saturday morning in my own bed, not needing to jump up and rush to—anything. Donny headed off to golf, a well-deserved break after solo parenting for the week while I was on Madeline Island. So I got up, meditated, made a pot of decaf, and began unloading the dishwasher, waiting for…

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things I love

By Kate / May 14, 2014 /

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! My day started like this:   Breakfast in bed with fresh berries, a decaf latte, homemade cards and gifts, and a new–gorgeous–orchid for my collection. It was a lazy day, with a trip to the park, lounging on a picnic blanket, reading, chatting with friends, and…

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By Kate / February 13, 2014 /

I’ve been quiet these last weeks, partly because I’ve been busy and partly because I didn’t want to post that I was still sick, still slogging through my days with a head cold and a bad cough. So I just didn’t post anything at all. But things are better. I got antibiotics and an inhaler,…

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escaping the vortex

By Kate / January 29, 2014 /

We’ve been hearing a lot about that whirling mass of cold air that keeps engulfing us again and again. And there is no denying that it sucks. The day or two of warmer weather sandwiched between frigid air feels like a mean joke, and it’s all grown so tiresome. But it’s not just the ridiculous…

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skiing, reading, and e-books

By Kate / January 2, 2014 /

We’re back from five days at my mom’s cabin in Northern Minnesota. It was colder than we would have liked, which curtailed some of our outdoor activities. But even with the cold, the girls got out and skated every day. And Stella and I skied the long loop through the woods once, which was so…

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By Kate / November 28, 2013 /

I try to incorporate gratitude into every day, year round. At the dinner table before we eat, we all go around and say what we’re thankful for. (Which can get silly sometimes, but is mostly sweet.) Others days I try to stop in the middle of my rush to do whatever I’m rushing to do,…

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By Kate / September 6, 2013 /

Every Labor Day at my mom’s cabin, we unhinge the ladder from the dock, pull the boats from the water, and say goodbye to the lake—the lake I love, the lake the girls love—and I feel that familiar swell of melancholy as I realize another year has gone by. In the last two weeks I’ve…

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in the clouds

By Kate / July 30, 2013 /

My favorite day of travel is the day I return home. Even the excitement I feel heading out on a trip—to a writing conference, to a workshop—can’t be beat by the day I get to go home, to D, to my girls. When I arrived in New York on Wednesday, I was filled with melancholy—my…

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By Kate / July 18, 2013 /

For the last four weeks I have been in a state of constant rushing—rushing to work, rushing home, trying to squeeze editing and other work—publication prep, website updates, etc.—into those rare moments when I can sit down for a half hour at my computer. But there has been too much to do, and I’ve been…

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