on bladders

By Kate / September 30, 2008 /

I have been busy these last weeks prepping classes and teaching and prepping and teaching. I’m teaching two classes and a couple of Saturday 1-hour writing labs at local libraries this fall, so I’m officially back in the swing of things. I’m busy, but interestingly I feel much less scattered than I did a month…

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barbie: a windfall

By Kate / September 19, 2008 /

I spent last weekend cleaning and re-cleaning and shopping and re-shopping for parties in honor of Stella, who turned five on Saturday. Five—it’s hard to believe. Every year on her birthday, part of me relives those scary days leading up to (and following) her birth. This year, those memories were particularly close to the surface…

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By Kate / August 17, 2008 /

I’ve been in such a funk this summer, which is unlike me because I love summer. I love the green and the heat (within reason) and the long days. But the days have been so very long with the two girls, and I’m always scrambling to squeeze in one more thing. I have been taking…

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what vacation?

By Kate / August 5, 2008 /

I am up north this week with the girls and my mom and grandpa and my older sister and her fiancé. (Up north is what we say in Minnesota to mean anything north of the Twin Cities.) On Saturday, I led my “Writing Family” workshop in Park Rapids, and it was so much fun. Out…

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Evan Kamida

By Kate / July 31, 2008 /

I have been feeling heavy and sad all week, ever since I learned that Vicki Forman’s son, Evan, died unexpectedly. I have never met Vicki in person nor spoken to her on the phone, and yet, I feel as if I know her. I suppose this speaks to the power of her writing. It was…

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"6 or something"

By Kate / July 23, 2008 /

Stella came home from soccer camp yesterday with a huge grin that revealed a gaping hole where her left front tooth had been just hours before. “I can’t believe it! You’re such a big girl!” I gave her a crushing hug and demanded the story. She reenacted the biting of a baby carrot and the…

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By Kate / June 19, 2008 /

It was a big week for us. D and I went on our first date in six months, Zoë pooped for the first time in four days, and Stella has her first loose tooth! D and I haven’t been out together—just the two of us—since I was about six months pregnant. But Friday it was…

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daddy bonding

By Kate / May 28, 2008 /

I never worried about D bonding with Stella. He was with her in those moments after she was pulled from me, when the neonatologists were checking her vitals. He was with her after they placed her in an isolette and wheeled her up to the Special Care Nursery, where he sat and spoke to her…

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By Kate / May 20, 2008 /

On Saturday morning my dad came over to give me a hand with the little ones, and my choice was either to take a nap (which I desperately needed) or go for a run (which I also desperately needed). D was out of town again, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to…

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happy mother's day

By Kate / May 12, 2008 /

It was beautiful here. D and Stella woke me up with a vanilla latte and a bowl of strawberries. Stella was very silly, dancing around the bed, singing, “My boootis, my boootis” as she shook her little tush. Then she collapsed, laughing. (Zoe was sleeping in her car seat and missed all the fun.) After…

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