By Kate / March 3, 2008 /

This may sound a little crazy, but the C-section has been postponed. My doctor called tonight and it turns out that she’s really sick, as well. One of her colleagues could go ahead with the surgery tomorrow morning, but since I’m still not feeling great, it makes sense to wait. This does make sense, right?…

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so sick

By Kate / March 1, 2008 /

Well, I’m spending the last few days of my pregnancy laid up with a horrible head cold and cough. I’ve been sick on and off for the past three months, but this time, it’s special. I have a fever and a cough so violent that it’s become commonplace to simultaneously throw up and pee myself.…

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hanging in there

By Kate / February 22, 2008 /

I know most of my recent posts have been personal, pregnancy-related ones, and I want to apologize. I actually have a couple of books on which I want to report, but I’ll plan on doing that next week. Pregnancy and parenting and tying up loose ends are all-consuming at the moment. Please bear with me.…

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she's okay

By Kate / February 15, 2008 /

I’ve just come from the ultrasound, and the baby seems to be fine and is measuring as she should for 37 weeks. So, relief. Huge relief. D was squeezing my hand the whole time, and his whole body relaxed when the technician said the baby was okay. I sometimes forget that this pregnancy has been…

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the best laid plans

By Kate / February 15, 2008 /

A few days ago I was talking with a friend about deciding to have a C-section. (After much waffling, it just feels like the right choice for me. I scheduled for 8 am on March 4th.) My friend said, “Well that makes a lot of sense. You know the date and time. I bet that…

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36 weeks!

By Kate / February 8, 2008 /

I hope I’m not boring you with my weekly pregnancy updates, but I have to share this good news: I am 36 weeks pregnant today and I still haven’t turned into a water-retaining blimp. I have a good friend who is also due the first week of March, and when I talk to her on…

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quick update

By Kate / January 24, 2008 /

I just got home from seeing my doctor, and everything is still looking good with the pregnancy. My blood pressure is great. No extreme swelling yet. No protein my urine. Yee-haw! The baby actually feels enormous inside me, and every night after dinner she has taken to shifting or rolling, which makes my abdomen look…

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33 weeks and counting

By Kate / January 18, 2008 /

This week, I passed the gestational point with this pregnancy—32 weeks and 4 days—at which Stella was born. Throughout the day on Monday, I thought: this is the point that day when they started the Pitocin; this is the point when Stella became distressed; this is when they said I’d need a C-section; this is…

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good news

By Kate / January 10, 2008 /

First, I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words (about this pregnancy and more generally about what I post here). It’s funny. I never really wanted to be a blogger, but I thought it would be “good for me,” so almost a year ago, I started this blog. Because of…

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pregnancy update

By Kate / January 9, 2008 /

I’m 31.5 weeks pregnant now and seem to be healthy, though I am beginning to swell a little. This could be normal pregnancy swelling, of course, but it could also be the beginning of preeclampsia. I’ve begun weighing myself every morning, and D. checks my ankles and wrists every night for signs of serious edema.…

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