haiku contest dealine extended!

By Kate / April 22, 2010 /

Thanks to all of you who have submitted a haiku for the contest! I’m loving them! For those of you who haven’t submitted, there’s still time. I am extending the deadline until Sunday night, April 25th. My dear friend Laura, the judge of this year’s contest, is at a work conference through the weekend, and…

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3rd annual haiku contest

By Kate / April 16, 2010 /

Spring is in the air. The determined stems of our peonies have pressed their way through the mulch, the Clematis is twining its way up the trellis on the side of our house, and the pale leaves of our baby Elm are unfurling despite the damn rabbit that snacked on the tree’s tender bark during…

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marie howe

By Kate / April 9, 2010 /

Back in 2007, when I was pregnant with Zoë and deathly afraid of losing the pregnancy, I spent weeks on the couch with my feet up, willing my uterus to hold tight to that little bean. I lay there, wishing I could read, wishing I could focus, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t follow any kind…

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By Kate / October 15, 2009 /

Last week I was reading Elizabeth Alexander’s The Antebellum Dream Book, a stunning collection of poems about race and gender and identity and motherhood. Alexander is really brilliant—she’s brilliant in her poetry, but she’s also clearly brilliant in person, in interviews. (You can visit her website if you’re interested in reading some of them.) On…

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the top seven

By Kate / March 30, 2009 /

Thank you to everyone who submitted a toddler haiku for the annual Mother Words Haiku Contest. You can read all the entries here and here. This year, my dear friend Jess agreed to judge the contest, so I’m turning it over to Jess, who says: I’m a little troubled by the prevalence of excretion in…

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oh where oh where

By Kate / March 24, 2009 /

are all the haiku? People, don’t make me bust out my own mad haiku skills. Post your toddler haiku here for a chance to win a $10 amazon gift card. Seriously, if you spend ten minutes writing your haiku, that’s a dollar a minute. The deadline has been extended to Saturday, March 28th. Don’t be…

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haiku you

By Kate / March 20, 2009 /

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet this week. I have a number of things of my blogging list, including an interview with the wonderful Julie Schumacher and a review of her new book, Black Box. But with the radio thing on Sunday (which went well, I think), the launch of Mother Words Online yesterday (yay!)…

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one small place

By Kate / February 22, 2009 /

Do you know those evenings, those very long evenings when you look at the clock at 5 p.m. and can’t believe there are still two whole hours before you can realistically put the kids to bed? Tonight, both girls were overtired—whiny and tantrum-prone. And there is nothing like a wailing, possibly-coming-down-with-something baby and a huffy,…

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what we can count on

By Kate / November 26, 2008 /

I’m embarrassed to say that I had never read anything by Ellen Bass until last week, when one of my lovely students (thank you, Ann!) e-mailed me this poem after it had been featured on Writer’s Almanac. (I’m reprinting it here with the author’s permission.) After Our Daughter’s Wedding While the remnants of cake and…

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two sisters, two winners

By Kate / June 3, 2008 /

My dear sisters didn’t follow my directions. They were supposed to read the haiku entries, then confer and choose a winner. But they each chose a winner, so now I have two winners of the first Mother Words haiku contest. (Not such a bad thing–I loved all of them!) The winners are: Emmie and Soon…

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