last day: within the words

By Kate / November 6, 2013 /

Today is the last stop of my blog book tour, friends, and first I just want to thank all of you for tuning in and for checking out all the great blogs on the tour. And a huge thank you to all the wonderful bloggers for taking the time to read and write about Ready…

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gillian marchenko & a book giveaway

By Kate / November 4, 2013 /

I met Gillian Marchenko a few years ago through her blog, when I was swept up in the story of her and her husband’s journey to adopt their sweet Evangeline, who has Down Syndrome, from Ukraine. (Polly, their third biological child, also has Down Syndrome.) I would pop over and check in on the progress, and…

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NICU giveaway update

By Kate / November 2, 2013 /

Hi friends, Originally, the University of Minnesota Press agreed to donate 15 copies of Ready for Air to neonatal intensive care units in the U.S. and Canada as part of blog book tour. I was going to randomly pick 15 hospitals from the entries on this post. But the generous Sustainable Arts Foundation has offered to make sure that…

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good day, regular people

By Kate / November 1, 2013 /

Alexandra is another one of those amazing writers who came to me through the Interwebs. We were in contact a few years ago about her possibly taking my online class, but somehow it didn’t work out. I would pop over to her blog when I could, but it was only this summer when I left…

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andrea lani

By Kate / October 31, 2013 /

Do you know those students? The ones who say things and you think, oh yes, that’s what I meant to say, but they actually said it better than you could have? Andrea Lani is one of those people. I met Andrea in one of my early online Motherhood & Words classes, and then she took…

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hallie sawyer

By Kate / October 29, 2013 /

Hallie Sawyer is another one of those amazing women I got to know through her blog. Hallie is a freelance writer working on her first novel (which I’m so excited to someday read). She’s also a mother to three adorable kiddos and she’s a fitness maven. (And though I haven’t taken her advise about interval…

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cafemom & hunger relief benefit

By Kate / October 28, 2013 /

It was so nice to be home this weekend. The week had been a long one. Donny and I began it on a red-eye flight and then dove straight into work. (Well I guess he dove straight in; I had a four-hour nap and then sort of dragged myself in.) But all week we couldn’t…

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journeys of the zoo

By Kate / October 25, 2013 /

One thing I hope Ready for Air will do is connect us to one another. I’ve said that before, but it bears repeating. I felt so alone and isolated after Stella’s birth, and I know other women felt and feel that same way. So I was so happy to read Sarah’s words over at Journeys…

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angie mizzell

By Kate / October 24, 2013 /

The night before the launch of Ready for Air, I drove downtown Minneapolis and parked along 2nd Street. Then I texted Angie Mizzell saying, “I’m here!” A few minutes later she was in the lobby of her hotel and we were hugging. We had never met in person, yet she had flown across the country…

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four plus an angel

By Kate / October 23, 2013 /

One of the things I thought a lot about as I was writing and rewriting Ready for Air was audience. My hope, of course, was that the book would speak to a large audience–one that reached beyond preemie parents, beyond any parent. But honestly it was the preemie parents I worried about as I was writing.…

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