Women’s memoir class kicking off next week!

By Kate / September 18, 2018 / Comments Off on Women’s memoir class kicking off next week!

We all have stories inside us. Whether we tell those stories is another question. It takes courage to write your truths. Join a group of amazing women and learn how to write the stories you need to write and deepen your understanding of craft. Class will be held in the beautiful conference room at ModernWell.…

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write with me

By Kate / January 11, 2016 / Comments Off on write with me

Have you always wanted to write your motherhood stories? Do you need a gentle nudge to get you going and keep you accountable? Are you craving a community of women who write? I’m kicking off a 10-week online Motherhood & Words class on January 27th and there are still a couple of openings. What recent students have…

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fall motherhood & words class

By Kate / August 20, 2015 /

Donny and I spent the last five days painting (or rather emptying, then taping, then painting, then taping more, then painting more, and finally reassembling) our kitchen and my office. It was grueling, but it’s done, and now my office looks like this: And now I’m ready to dive back into writing and also gear…

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writing retreats

By Kate / May 20, 2015 /

I spent last weekend once again at Faith’s Lodge with an incredible group of women. And once again I was blown way by the amount and the quality of writing that emerged in those few days together. But it’s more than that; it’s community, it’s safety, it’s healing. Just before we wrapped up on Sunday, one of…

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the small things

By Kate / July 16, 2014 /

I woke this past Saturday morning in my own bed, not needing to jump up and rush to—anything. Donny headed off to golf, a well-deserved break after solo parenting for the week while I was on Madeline Island. So I got up, meditated, made a pot of decaf, and began unloading the dishwasher, waiting for…

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on the go

By Kate / March 4, 2014 /

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me between my Motherhood & Words retreat at Faith’s Lodge and AWP in Seattle. But like always, both events left me inspired to write and teach and write some more. The retreat was incredible despite the ice/snow storm that loomed on the forecast for our travel day.…

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upcoming online class – and a podcast!

By Kate / August 29, 2013 /

Now that the kids are in school and my schedule has opened up a bit, I’m turning my attention to writing and teaching. Registration is now open for my fall online Motherhood & Words class. Here are the details: Motherhood & Words Online Thursday, September 26 – Monday, December 9 (10 1/2 weeks) Whether you…

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By Kate / June 19, 2013 /

There are a few minutes here, a half hour there, but really, not much time at all. During the bigger chunks, the ones in which I could write if I wanted to, work on my own stuff, I don’t. I slip on my sports bra, tank top, leggings sheared off at the knee, and strap…

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a gift

By Kate / February 23, 2013 /

I’m Western Wisconsin for my annual Motherhood & Words retreat at Faith’s Lodge. This is generally a hectic time of year for me and this year is no exception. In the days leading up to the retreat, I was on deadline with a big federal grant at work, prepping for the retreat in the evening,…

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madeline island school of the arts

By Kate / October 26, 2012 /

Last weekend, the girls, D and I drove 4 hours from Minneapolis to Bayfield, Wisconsin, where we stopped in at the adorable Apostle Island Booksellers as we waited for the ferry to Madeline Island, the largest of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. We had been invited to the island by the staff of the Madeline…

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